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Gaze estimation is a task of estimation where the people look from the input eye/face image. It is mainly about computer vision and machine learning techniques. Specifically, I am interested in gaze estimation with webcams and AR/VR. I have been working in this research area since 2013 and achieved a few milestones.

I am interested in HCI research in terms of the research and community. My current strategy is applying our developed techniques to interaction applications.

My next five years (2022-2027) research plan is to develop a talking virtual avatar for intelligent interaction between humans and AI agents. To achieve this goal, I am expanding my research on face, hand, and body modeling.

My next ten years (2022 - 2032) research plan is to develop computer vision and machine learning tools for research related to biology, healthcare, and medical research. As the starting point, I am working on biomechanical prior human pose estimation for clinical applications, and medical image processing.