Dr. Xucong Zhang

Assistant Professor
Computer Vision Lab
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Delft University of Technology
(TU Delft)
E-Mail: xucong.zhang [AT] tudelft.nl
Office: Room 6.E.320 (6th floor east)
Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6 (building 28)
2628 XE Delft

the Netherlands
Links: Google Scholar, CV [PDF], DBLP, LinkedIn, Twitter
You can also find me on the TU Delft CV Lab website.

Research Interest

My current research is about computer vision, machine learning, and human-computer interactions. My core research interest is human-centred computing as developing techniques for sensing, understanding, and serving the human user.

  • Gaze estimation

The task is estimating where the people looking from the input eye/face image. Gaze estimation has variant applications for human-computer interaction (HCI), human-robot interaction, VR/AR systems, psychology, and car driving. I have been working on the gaze estimation task for years.

  • Human-computer interaction

My current research on HCI is applying the developed gaze estimation method to perform the HCI task such as attention estimation, UI element optimization, and eye contact detection. I am interested in HCI research and have been working in this area for years.

  • Human digitalization

My next five years (2022-2027) research plan is to develop a talking virtual avatar that can act like a human being. It would be a combination of multi-modality such as the facial landmark, hand pose, body pose, eye gaze, and speech.

  • Biomechanical prior model

My next ten years (2022 - 2032) research plan is to develop computer vision and machine learning tools for biology- and healthcare-related research. As the starting point, I will introduce the biomechanical prior to the human-related models. I aim to provide novel face and body models with more accurate representation than the current skeleton- or mesh-based models.

Short Bio

I am a tenure-track assistant professor at TU Delft since August 2021. I was a postdoc researcher from 2018 to 2021 in the Advanced Interaction Technologies Lab at ETH Zurich, led by Prof. Otmar Hilliges. I did my PhD research (degree with summa cum laude) from 2013 to 2018 at Max Planck Institute for Informatics under the supervision of Prof. Andreas Bulling. Before that, I obtained my Master’s degree in 2013 at Beihang University and my Bachelor’s degree in 2010 from the honors program at China Agriculture University.

Latest news

[01.2022] We will organize the GAZE workshop at CVPR 2022.

[11.2021] One book chapter about gaze estimation and its applications is published in the book Artificial Intelligence for Human Computer Interaction: A Modern Approach.

[09.2021] Received the Facebook Research Award with Guohao Lan to design privacy-preserving eye-tracking for AR/VR and beyond. Thank you, Facebook!

[07.2021] One paper is accepted at ICCV 2021. See you online!

[01.2021] I will join TU Delft as an assistant professor in August 2021. One PhD position from me will be available soon. Very much looking forward to the new life in Delft.

[12.2020] We are going to organize "GAZE" workshop at CVPR 2021.

[09.2020] One paper is accepted at NeurIPS 2020. See you online!

[07.2020] One paper is accepted at BMVC 2020. See you online!

[05.2020] Two papers are accepted at ECCV 2020. See you online!

[04.2020] One paper is accepted by TIP.

[01.2020] We are going to organize "OpenEyes" workshop at ECCV 2020.

[09.2019] We won the OpenEDS Challenge 2019 (Synthetic Eye Generation Challenge).

[07.2019] One paper is accepted at ICCV 2019.